Once Upon A Time Comic Con Experience

For Comic Con 2017, ABC had the idea of creating a 360 interactive booth for the show Once Upon A Time. The booth would consist of a room in which all four walls were made up of LED panels. The whole experience lasted 5 minutes and was made up of three parts; An immersive experience, a life-like hologram, and a trailer for the upcoming season of the show. I had the opportunity to work with the team on creating the immersive experience.

The experience takes you through three environments related to the show. The first is the enchanted forest, the second is the room full of doors in which a different teaser clip plays inside each door, and the third is the ocean where Captain Hook’s ship lives. The whole experience was also sound designed in full 5.1 surround sound to immerse the viewers even more into the environments. This project was a lot of fun to work on and could not have been possible without the amazing team I had the pleasure of working with.

Overall, the booth and experience was a huge hit amongst the fans and was in the top 7 must see booths for Comic Con 2017.

My responsibilities for this project consisted of modeling, texturing, lighting, and animating the 3d doors in addition to the transition and ocean scene at the end of the experience.

The Team

Lucas Aragon

Art Director
Monica Helberg

Nick Mantz
Jeremy Garrett
Tyler Shuster

Sound Design
Richard Freeman