UCONN Athletics Logo Animation

The goal of this project was to display the accomplishments and victories the UConn Athletics department has had over the years. We wanted to unify all of the sports teams and all of the championships under the one brand. To do this, we took footage of some of the most memorable events over the past 30 years and put them inside the UConn logo. This gives a sense that the logo, or brand, is built upon those moments. With the most memorable audio clips and SOT calls layered underneath it, the whole thing was brought together.


After finalizing the idea and storyboards, the next step was to gather footage. 300gb of footage from the past 30 years and hours later I was able to sort through and pick out the best, most memorable clips to use. Once the clips were selected, I had to convert all the clips to a uniform color-space and file type (image sequences) so I could use them as textures within Cinema 4D. From there it was a matter of placing each individual clip within the 3d scene, rendering, and color-correcting.

Football Opening Animation

Jumbotron Graphics